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Sir Nettleton Brushbottom,

Hamster Knight of the Rodent Realm, Administrary Secretary to the Transportation Commission Advisory Council, and Retired HAMMBall Pilot has been incarcerated for crimes against the Rodentiary Empire.
Crimes he did not commit.
After many years of imprisonment, Nettleton has finally applied for Parole and leave Hamster Prison. BUT as a requirement for his application, he must conduct Community Service under strict observation by a Felinary Government Official - as dictated under article B-12 of the Great Citrus War Treaty. After travelling for months to the Center of the Known World, to the site of the Mysterious Great Factory ~ May It Provide Forever ~ Sir Nettleton may finally begin his Community Service...

NOTE: THIS IS A PROTOTYPE and because this is one of my first projects working with both Unity and C# there will occasially be lag spikes, visual glitches, or the occasional completely unplayable level. Please keep in mind that this is in progress, and the next and final update will consist of a major art overhaul including character portraits, sound, and music. I've been working this since September 2014. For a spoilery list of development information, see below the game. To see a portfolio of my art and other projects, check out my main site:
www.Peterimkunas.com. Enjoy!

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As of right now, there are no plans to finish producing HAMMBall after the next update. This is a working prototype, which for me was primarily an exercise in project design and execution. Don't get me wrong, the entire project IS designed (five worlds, puzzles, enemies, rich and strange sci-fi story, etc.), but for the sake of time and sanity I purposely made the goal of finishing JUST the first section or two of the game. It's not perfect, either, and never will be. In fact when I revisit some of the earlier files of HAMMBall I am utterly terrified of what I will find in the code. That's game design. You have to accept it. Instead I wanted this to be a portfolio piece showing that I can jump into unknown territory and learn and adapt, and most importantly finish something based on a worked out plan. I had never touched Unity before September 2014, and coded nothing more than a couple PHP scripts back in 2008. However I do have a background in computer graphics, illustration, and design overlapping several years of projects with friends thoughout high school, college, and art school.
My next adventure is going to be trying out the Unreal 4 Engine, which, at a greatly reduced cost (a full Unity license is $75/mo. while Unreal 4 is $20. HAMMBall was made in Unity Free, which has many restrictions), I can have more direct access to shaders, their blueprinting system, and other thingamajigs. I am very excited to try out my next project in that - which hopefully by the time it comes around, Unreal will also have a stronger web-player like Unity has.

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